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Case Study : Tourist from Spain for cruise travel in the Middle East


Examples from Customers with voice and data traffic
with the BLIVALE SIM data in Free Roaming in the World

All Customers have authorized the publication of part of their traffic done both as a voice and as data with the BLIVALE SIM Data in Free Roaming.

The page shown is not complete and sensitive fields and information attributable to the Customer have been hidden.



Case Study: CEO / Company Owner in Brazil with trips to Europe and South America

The BLIVALE SIM Free Roaming Data has been used by the Customer in different periods and in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Italy

The BLIVALE SIM has been used by our customer both as outgoing calls (as well as receiving incoming ones) and as data

Active customer, who as you can see in the image, used the BLIVALE SIM Data to travel to 2 continents, Europe and South America, in different periods of the year, and visiting more countries


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