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Planning your travels especially visiting a city, is it worth it?

I have been traveling for years, stopped in this last period since 2020 for known reasons, although I went to Spain for work and relatives, several times.
Soon to do it again, since September having planned the visit of new places for us, but also the review of some already visited for their incredible charm.

Over the years we have always planned our itineraries and what to visit day by day.
Not only vacation trips, but also cultural trips, along with business trips.

For example, if you went near the sea or in the mountains, not only think about sunbathing, resting, and swimming, but also about visiting the place.

We have learned, over time, that it is important to visit the works inside churches, monasteries, mosques, etc., as they contain works by artists from centuries ago. So not seeing them only as religious haunts.

Always with the map in hand, and for some years with Google Maps, we have visited and set important itineraries.

In some cases we have varied the itineraries, becoming aware of unknown places or meeting places and often not reported in the itineraries or on the maps.
A small example is given when we were in the desert in Tozeur in Tunisia. We met some people who told us where to go to see the oasis where they shot the film
"The English Patient" from 1996, with
Directed by Anthony Minghella. A Must See 1996 film with Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas and Collin Firth.
One of them accompanied us. We paid him € 100.00 for the time he stayed with us, and I can tell you that the vision was spectacular and fantastic. We stayed 1 day there.
Or where many scenes of the Star Wars movie were shot.

All this to say, that it is always advisable to plan your tourist trips (and why not, even for work) and visit what they can offer us.

We therefore think that the APP (no we are not sponsors) "Visit a City", in addition to Goole Maps, can provide an interesting contribution to plan itineraries in the cities.
We did a test on Venice (IT), therefore a city we know quite well, and we found that it provides ideas for itineraries in 1 or 2 or 3 days, to visit it.
This App allows you to define the best itinerary and organize travel times, and to plan how much time to dedicate to each attraction. Thus allowing you to customize your tour even if you have already started and on the spot, discovering in some cases, new places and new attractions to visit, appropriately marked.
We attach some screenshots of this APP.
The APP can be downloaded on:

- Google Play
- App Store di Apple


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