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Customer Experience in Smart Working with BLIVALE SIMs

Customer Experience in Smart Working with BLIVALE SIMs

Customers in Europe, the USA, ASIA, the Middle East and the World, have highlighted that they can work on the road, in campers, in vacation spots, etc., relying on BLIVALE SIMs.

We thank the customers who have contacted and are turning to BLIVALE supporting them with the SIM Unlimited.

Customers have also shown that it is not necessary to go away to have only streaming, but to continue to carry out their work and contacts with both customers, friends, relatives, family members.

It is important for them to always have a connection.

Many of these customers continue to use the SIM even after the Smart Working period having purchased the VoIP number or toll-free number, to stay in touch both in making and receiving calls from any user in the world without Roming costs wherever they are.

The following image shows some connections and use of MBs and GBs of Customers in the World.


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