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I don't remember, but I started to make sure from the first plane trips I did, we are in the 80s.
At that time, travel insurance policies were expensive, however this allowed me to insure myself for any inconvenience I had during the trip.
How come?
Because when you travel, everything does not depend on us, even if you are as careful as possible, but it mostly depends on external events.

What is travel insurance for?

Personally I think it is important for any type of trip we make, regardless of whether it is for work or vacation.
Of course, there are Airlines - Cruise - Travel companies, which offer insurance but are mainly aimed at travel and luggage, and do not always cover other inconveniences that could happen during the same trip.

Why do I have to be insured?

Travel insurance is often perceived as an additional cost, something optional and unnecessary.
Every travel insurance policy taken out before leaving is always and in any case valuable, even if you think this is not the case.
The insurance policy is a precious ally, and allows to reduce any worries inherent to the trip, thus allowing us to protect ourselves against various inconveniences that could ruin our trip.

When is it worthwhile to insure?

The Air - Cruise - Travel campaigns allow you to add insurance to the cost of the trip when booking the ticket, and everything is often inherent to the trip alone.
In all cases it is always advisable to take out a personal insurance policy, which also covers the components of the trip (for example relatives, colleagues, etc.) and therefore have a total coverage or almost all of the trip.
This can be done at least 1 day before departure and that covers the entire duration of the trip until the return.

Why is it worthwhile to insure?

From the previous points it is clear that there are many aspects for which to take advantage of a travel insurance, to allow you the peace of mind of having insurance coverage for every main possible inconvenience.

Why insure even if you are covered by the health service in your country?

Very simple:
  • the health service of your country does not always cover all medical and return expenses (where required)
  • it does not cover expenses in many countries, and where applicable, requests for reimbursement must be made, which are often not reimbursed.
For companies, it allows you to be fully or partially covered for any inconvenience that may occur during a business trip.


EKTA's insurance policy is for people who travel or go abroad from all over the world.
Coverage is between ages 3 and 85, and they can purchase it online on the website.
You will receive your insurance policy by email within 2-3 minutes.
A 24/7 multilingual technical support chat is available.

Benefits for customers

  • Works all over the world
  • The insurance covers COVID -19
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No hidden clauses in the contract
  • Get your insurance policy online
  • 10 years of experience in the insurance sector
  • No hidden restrictions in medical services

SAVE 37%

What can and must travel insurance cover?

The trip can be insured against any inconvenience that may happen wherever we go:

  • airplane delay
  • trip cancellation
  • extension of stay
  • third party liability
  • illness / accident / injury
  • medical expenses
  • immediate return
  • repatriation
  • loss of documents
  • loss of baggage
  • refunds
  • legal fees
  • that you work all over the world
  • copra from COVID -19
  • allow 24/7 customer support
  • can be purchased online
  • that has no hidden clauses in the contract
  • that has no hidden restriction in medical services
  • and much more.

How much does a travel insurance policy cost?

An insurance must be flexible and must allow more items to be added based on the type of trip we are doing and that we want to insure.
The cost of an insurance policy depends on what we want to insure.

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